Friday, 28 December 2012

Eastgate Restaurant (Dim Sum)

We went to Eastgate for dim sum today.

When we arrived at around 1 p.m., there were only a few tables occupied. It seems like that throughout the years, the clientele has declined. Perhaps we were late for dim sum too...

We ordered the following dishes:
1. Steamed shrimp dumplings (ha gow): $4.50
2. Steamed pork dumplings (sui mai): $3.95
4. Beef tripe with ginger and green onion: $3.75
5. Steamed spare ribs in black bean sauce: $3.95
21. Chinese donut rice crepe: $4.50
34. Pan fried shrimp and scallop rolls: $4.50
i. Stir-fried noodles with beef: $6.00
ii. Sing chow mai fun (Singapore-style vermicelli dish): $6.00

Dim Sum dishes of the day

It took around 20 minutes before we got our first dish (34). The cause may be that only two waiters worked. Or maybe they prepared the dishes fresh....

Siu Mai

Every dish was on the oily side...except for the ones that were steamed (such as the ha gow and the sui mai).  However, there was enough tea to chase away the oil. This is why Chinese restaurants offer hot tea with dim sum.

Ha gow

The skin of the 'ha gow' and the 'sui mai' were firm, but pliable. These dumplings were plump and filled with meat. The filling was hot, savory, and juicy.

Beef tripe with ginger and green onion.

The sauce on the beef tripe was glutenous. I suspect that the chef may not have mixed the cornstarch and the sauce enough to make it smooth and creamy.

Steamed spare ribs in black bean sauce

Both the beef tripe and the spare ribs were chewy. Firm and strong teeth are a must to enable the digestion of these items.                                                    

As for the Chinese doughnut and the tofu skin of the pan fried shrimp and scallop rolls, a bit of oil squirted each time a bite was taken. I think they refried the Chinese doughnut. This is why it was so oily and crispy. The rice crepe that hugged the Chinese doughnut was smooth and springy.

Chinese donut rice crepe and pan fried shrimp and scallop rolls

The best deals of the meal were the two noodle dishes. They were $6.00 apiece. They were a bit small. Nevertheless, the oil lathered on the noodles filled my belly to the point that I brought home leftover noodles. I finished them tonight...but feel that I may need to go for a jog for fear of a heart attack.

Stir-fried noodles with beef and sing chow mai fun
Overall, with the price paid (each dim sum dish is less than $5.00), the quality was okay. The food was oily, but that is to be expected for dim sum. To make the skins crispy and for the food to be heated thoroughly,  oil is needed to prevent the shells from scorching and for the food to feel the heat of the wok ('wok hay' as said in Chinese).

If you plan to visit Eastgate for dim sum, make sure that you keep this in mind: when you pay, keep the receipt and remember whom you paid. Since the cash register is separate from the dining area, the waiters cannot always see whether you paid or not. With the receipt and the description of the person you paid, they can track this person down to confirm you paid.

Also, if individual orders of dim sum is still too risky for you (e.g. mystery meat), try the lunch buffet. It is $9.99 and the restaurant offers a variety of dishes.

Just remember to bring a bottle of water with a spritz of lemon with you. Somehow, the taste of dim sum lingers and the thirst for water requires constant quenching.

My blurb: This is CHEAP EATS for a bit less than average quality of food.  The total was $38.00 with tips.

Eastgate Restaurant
4408 17 Avenue SE
Calgary, AB   T2A 0T6
Ph.: 403-272-8701

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